Sai Ram. With Swami’s grace, the following was distributed:


  • 2300 lunch boxes
  • 100 boxes of cake


500 children were served a hot meal at the Centre.

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Om Sri Sai Ram.

Kenya has seen one of the longest droughts in the last 40 years. It has lasted over 3 years, as the last long rains were in 2018. To help alleviate the suffering, Sri Sathya Sai Centre – Kenya organized a famine relief program in the Laikipia North region of Kenya.

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Om Sri Sai Ram,

In view of the ongoing Corona Virus Crisis, Sai Center Nairobi has decided to suspend all its regular activities until further notice.

  1. Regular Bhajan Sessions on Thursdays and Sundays are suspended until further notice.
  2. Balvikas Studies that take place every Sunday from 10:00 am are suspended until further notice.
  3. Narayan Seva that takes place every Sunday morning is suspended till further notice.
  4. The Medical and Dental Clinic will be OPEN as usual though with obvious hygiene measures in place. 
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These are some of the major events and festivals that will be celebrated at Sri Sathya Sai Centre – Kenya.

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The first day of the Sri Sathya Sai Ghat inauguration was filled with ritualistic offerings to Mother Ganges. It was so nice to see Brother Veda Narayana and team from Prasanthi take up the whole proceedings with excellent rendition of relevant mantras for the occasion. It was so nice of the think tank to choose these noble souls instead of so called BIG priests many of whom have shifted their loyalties, after getting fame and name courtesy of Swami.

The live proceedings of the whole ceremony was icing on the cake and the whole team of SAIONE APP, Sri Sathya Sai Organisations need a special appreciation for this effort. At around 8:30PM, the blessed devotees took part in the Ganga arathi which was followed by Swami’s arathi in Rishikesh which indeed is an emotional moment for all the assembled devotees.

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September 9, 2016 is going to be a HIStoric day for the whole Sathya Sai devotees community when the government of Uttarakhand state, appreciating the yeomen service done by Swami and His organisation to the humanity, will be dedicating a special GHAT ( a fleet of steps leading down to a river) named after our beloved Lord Sri Sathya Sai Baba in the holy city RISHIKESH. Read more…