18th Dec 2001

Delegation of 21 Kenyan Devotees, which comprised of Samithi members and their families, the Building Construction Team, Architect, Structural Engineer, Quantity Surveyor, Joinery, and Mechanical subcontractors, congregated at Puttaparthi to humbly offer the centres’ newly completed project at the “ Divine Lotus Feet”

Beloved Swami in His Immense love and benediction graciously granted a private interview in the morning to the entire delegation. Swami was presented with an invitation by the group to visit Kenya and personally inaugurate “His” centre in Kenya along with “His” Sathya Sai School – Kisaju.

Bhagwan was elated and in His grace granted a Boon to the delegation. Bhagwan said,

World Tour Ka Programme ban raha hai teen countries, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda – Swami will come.


In the afternoon the delegation was again called for the second Interview and again our gracious Lord reaffirmed.

Jaisa meine Subha Bhola hai, – as I told in the morning – “I will come, I will come”

BABA – 13th Dec 2001 – Interview Room Prasanthi Mandir

23rd Nov 2001

Swamis’ 76th Birthday celebrated in the new fully complete Centre’s Buildings, with prayers to Beloved Bhagwan to visit Kenya and inaugurate His “Sundar Centre”. Devotees have been and are praying to this day.

23rd Nov 2000

Sectional / Partial completion of basement. Swamis’ 75th Birthday celebrated in the Basement of new upcoming building

4th May 2000

Bhagwan blessed working drawings in Brindavan-Whitefield – Banguluru

23rd Nov 1999

Temporary prefabricated Prayer Hall / Library- “SAI SADAN” inaugurated on Swami’s 74th Birthday celebrations.
Commencement of Building works and “Bhoomi Puja” conducted.

19th Oct 1999

Brochures explaining the facilities of proposed new Centre Building expansions, launched during “Dussera” celebrations. Download the brochure.

23rd April 1999

Architectural scaled model of proposed centre’s building expansion programme was unveiled by Zone chairman along with Central Co-ordinator. Read details and see photos of the design and construction of the new building for the Nairobi Centre

21st Nov 1998

Swami blessed and approved schematic plans for centre and school during 73rd Birthday celebrations and Chair persons’ conference. Read details and see photos of the design and construction of the new building for the Nairobi Centre

29th July 1998

Kenya delegation was granted an interview with Bhagwan. Swami created a Lingam and instructed that the Lingam be kept at the centre and Abhishekam be performed. Click here for more details of Lingam.

Oct 1997 (Stupa)

“SARVA DHARMA STUPA” a scaled replica of the one at Puttaparthi was built with added provision for depositing Likita Naam Japa books in the base chambers. Read details and see photos of the design, building and installation of the Stupa at the Nairobi Centre


A parcel of land was bought at Waiyaki Way / Musa Gitau Road Junction. Existing dwelling house was converted into a small Bhajan Hall and a Library. Regular Thursday / Saturday Bhajans. Regular Monthly Narayan Seva was introduced which continues to date. A shed 100FT X 50 FT was constructed. Swamis’ Birthday and major festivals were celebrated under the shed. “SAI BALWANT ANNEX” was constructed facilitating a modern kitchen, store and pantry, 4 Bed sitters and Caretakers flat. Read details and see photos of the beginnings of the Nairobi Centre.

Aug / Sept – 1989

Satya Sai African Conference and workshops on EHV conducted at Kenyatta International Conference Centre. Nairobi.

13th July 1989

Centres’ Committee members along with family members visit Prasanthi and invited Swami to inaugurate the EHV Conference scheduled for Aug 1989. Swami was overjoyed with the invitation and said “I am always in your heart”; blessed the delegation and granted the Boon.

“Kenya mein bahot sundar centre benega” (In Kenya a beautiful centre will be built). And added, “Make the centre BIG, and I will come.”


Thus through SAI SANKALPA – The new centre was conceived.

1968 to 1993

Activities of the center were conducted from Patel Prathna Mandir at Park Road. Regular weekly Bhajans were conducted at the Park Road Hall and devotees’ homes. Various Relief food, medical Eye camps, hospital visits, adoption of children Homes etc continued to be rendered.

June 1968

Swami made his first and only visit to date out of India to East Africa to visit Kenya and Uganda in June 1968 during which he setup the Sri Sathya Sai Seva Samithis in East Africa – in Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania. Read the whole account of Swami’s East Africa Trip.

Swami gave his first public discourse in Africa on 4th of July, 1968 in Nairobi, Kenya. Click here to download this entire discourse.

View the article published in the Nation Newspaper in Kenya during His visit in 1968.