Some Photos from Day 1 of Prof. Anil Kumar’s Visit

Sri Sathya Sai Centre – Kenya was graced with the presence of Prof. Anil Kumar yesterday. Despite falling a little ill during his safari in Masai Mara, Prof. Anil Kumar attended the Thrusday Bhajans, officially inaugurated the Centre, and delighted devotees with his talk on the Glory of Sai. Thank you Prof. and we look forward to today’s talk on the Purpose of Life.

Below are some photos from yesterday’s event.

Professor Anil Kumar officially inaugurating the Centre

Official Innauguration of the Centre with the installation of a Plaque in Memory of Prof. Anil Kumar's Visit

Professor Anil Kumar Entering the Centre

Prof Anil Kumar Entering the Centre

Ganesh Puja for the Installation of the New Idol

Ganesh Puja for Installation of the Idol

Thursday Bhajan Session


Professor Anil Kumar Enjoying the Bhajans

Prof Anil Kumar enjoying the Bhajans