Our prayers at this time of crisis in Japan

Devotees from Sathya Sai centers in Kenya extend their heartfelt sympathies to the people in Japan who mourn the loss of their loved ones and those who are affected in any way by the recent earth quake followed by devastating Tsunami waves.

Our prayers at the Kenyan center ever since the disaster had struck Japan, were dedicated to the memory of the helpless lives lost and praying to Swami to alleviate the suffering of those who managed to survive only to realize that their loved ones, livelihood and hard earned personal belongings have all perished in the natural disaster.

At this moment of national crisis, we submit our prayers to Swami for bestowing His Grace with the people and authorities in Japan who are still trying to identify the dead and working tirelessly to help those who survived, yet, suffering from the impact of the disaster. We pray to Swami for His Grace in restoring to the people in Japan, normal life with renewed determination to face the future.